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This is the official site of Jayson Blair, a Certified Life Coach in Northern Virginia and the former New York Times reporter. I specialize in mental health coaching, career coaching, attention deficit disorder, pervasive developmental disorders, mood disorders and substance abuse editors. I have suffered from mental health problems for many years and after going untreated they cost me much of my life at the time. I have since found medications that work and have improved my quality of life in immense fashion, while recognizing that my symptoms can return at any moment. I focus on working with people toward health, improving their life skills and lifestyles and being ready for that moment.

My practice is Goose Creek Consulting. There I work with other certified coaches and a psychiatrist to provide wrap around care for our clients. If you suffer from any of these problems, we might be able to help you.

Career problems can be paralyzing, whether you are a high school or college student trying to figure out what to study, whether you are a mid-career executive trying to make a change or whether you are a senior executive trying to run your own company.

Depression and Bipolar disorder are managed through medication and therapy. Life coaching can provide help with adjunct life skills, including managing your triggers, coordination of your care among providers and crisis support.

Attention problems can make school, work and life difficult. Learning time management skills, organizational skills and other coping skills, including leaning into visual learning, creativity and even daydreaming can really help you meet you goals and improve your quality-of-life.

Pervasive developmental disorders, such as Aspbergers disorder, can make it hard to function and understand the world. It can lead to social anxiety and other frustrations. Life coaching provides social skills and life management skills. It can lead to great improvements in quality-of life.

Substance abuse treatment is tailored to the individual client. Whether you are aiming for abstinence or harm-reduction, we can work on improving your life through getting you evaluated by mental health professionals, into support groups and 12-step programs, and working on managing your drug and alcohol triggers.

The first step is for us to work together to define your concerns. We work together to figure out the appropriate resources and measures to assist you. I provide an evaluation that will help us figure out whether life coaching is appropriate for you or whether there are other resources, such as a therapist or doctors, that we should include or consider as an alternative option.

Please explore the site using the menus on the right.

If you think you would benefit from my services, you can contact me at Goose Creek Coaching at (703) 574-6271 or via e-mail at





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